1. new song “The Breaking Light”: download to support relief efforts in Japan

    Alex and Vienna have released an exclusive benefit single, a live recording of a new song called “The Breaking Light.” 100% of proceeds go to relief efforts in Japan. You can download it at Alex’s Bandcamp site:http://alexwong.bandcamp.com/track/the-breaking-light-live-at-yoshis The story: A few weeks ago we tried covering Vampire Weekend’s song “I Think Ur A Contra,” using […]

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  2. a song in one day: Dubway Days on Breakthru Radio

    Last summer I got to reunite with fellow songwriter Ben Arthur (from the 2004 Modern Troubadours tour) and the excellent crew at Dubway Studios (where we recorded part of Inland Territory), to make the premiere episode of Dubway Days, their brand-new video series on the creative process. The premise was to write, arrange and record […]

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  3. NPR’S California Report, Earphoria interview

    A couple of interviews I did a while back have aired recently: A short piece about the song “City Hall” for NPR’s California Report, in conjunction with current developments in the same-sex marriage debate. A longer session with Earphoria.fm, complete with a cappella snippets of songs I grew up with, from backstage at the Outside […]

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  4. cover song on Kerrigan-Lowdermilk album

    Last summer I got to meet up with musical theatre composers Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, to work on a re-interpretation of a song from their show The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown. It’s now the opening track on their new album, Our First Mistake. You can listen to “Say The Word” and other songs […]

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