new song “The Breaking Light”: download to support relief efforts in Japan

Alex and Vienna have released an exclusive benefit single, a live recording of a new song called “The Breaking Light.” 100% of proceeds go to relief efforts in Japan.

You can download it at Alex’s Bandcamp site:

The story:

A few weeks ago we tried covering Vampire Weekend’s song “I Think Ur A Contra,” using only the sound of Alex’s waterphone and Vienna playing the rim of a wineglass. It went over decently that night at Rockwood, but we thought the idea was worth exploring further, so we set a goal to write a whole new song around that sound—in time to perform at The Bell House two days later. On the car ride over to the venue, we had an arrangement but no words; we were still frantically writing lyrics as the opening band started their set. Sometimes songs are most fun written that way—quickly, one idea building off another, with no time for second-guessing or over-analyzing.

When news of the earthquake and tsunami reached us, we decided to record this new song at a live show and release it as a benefit single. Fortunately, the audience that night at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, CA were more than game to join us. We’ve set the minimum donation at $5.00 but you are welcome (and encouraged) to donate more.

Thank you so much for listening and helping, and an extra special thanks to the audiences at Yoshi’s that night for their gorgeous choir singing!

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